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Recent Changes: Significant tweaking of various abilities to make a little more sense and balanced against each other. Added techniques. Added new subclass. Added two new equipment specs. More information found in the Change Log. *fixed table visibility in color version Oct 23, 2020*

NOTE: This *should* now be screen reader friendly. If there are any problems PLEASE let me know so I can try to fix them. There is also a new print version with no pictures or color.

In a world of magic and monsters, not everyone has access to priests or clerics. Even fewer have the money to pay for physicians. Village healers may take care of most problems but who will help the normal folk against strange diseases and rampant plagues? Enter the Plague Doctor, a class of travelling physician who is curious, helpful, and occasionally frightening.

This class is designed to be a combination of healer and support, depending on how you build your character. Abilities are based on the ability to use medical knowledge combined with some of the more mystical remedies of wilderness healers. Choose from 4 different fields of study and 5 different equipment specializations while also using different medical techniques to guide your character style even further.

Become a therapist of sorts, strong of will and able to bend the minds of the wrong-doing to your control. Or specialize in plagues to bring pain and suffering to those who would harm the less fortunate. Build a field medic, using healign kits to care for a group with no source of magical care. You could even specialize in anatomy, making you a capable healer but an equally capable defending of the weak. Finally, you might choose to delve into tinkering with magic manipulation and garner more spell casting abilities to heal and protect those around you.

Be sure to leave me feedback for this first full class build as I work on balancing it and adding some material to better support its feel with a lack of SRD spells that fit!


Buy Now$2.95 USD or more

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