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The quantum sorcerer is a subclass for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons that acts as a preview to a larger project: The Magic of Physics. The product will include subclasses, spells, and items to add a touch of science to your fantasy.

This PWYW preview features the full sorcerer subclass that centers around a bit of probability manipulation and features random changes to your character as a possible side effect. It includes a number of random tables to help determine what happens including a lot of flavor changes and relatively few impacts that will make you question your choice in taking this class. However there are still chances your fireball could become an acid damage spell or you lose your shocking grasp and gain eldritch blast.

And if that isn't enough, two spells are included in this preview! Inverse causality is a 4th-level spell that lets you manipulate when things happen and Orbital Shield is a 1st-level spell that provides reactive protection as well as attacking options.


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